Mistakes to avoid while investing in real estate

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Right now, Detroit’s rental real estate market is off the charts, which is just the thing real estate investors want to hear. Demand for single-family rentals is skyrocketing, and the median price of a Detroit single-family home is well below $100K, providing an amazing opportunity for solid yields and cash flow for rental property and Detroit Real Estate Investing.

Detroit is a great place to invest in for both cash-flow and property appreciation. The incredible opportunities of the Detroit rental market are being pursued by local, out-of-state investors, and even foreign investors.

The main aim of buying real estate as an investment is to make money for most people. However, there can be instances where you buy a house without considering all the factors involved and without estimating the full cost. And if you do that, you might not be able to get the returns that you expected, or worse, make a loss.

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Things to Remember before buying real estate

For Investing in Detroit Real Estate is someone who does not have previous real estate experience, it is possible to get swept away by the appeal of income and investment in a property that provides no returns. Real estate investment comes with some risks, and before investing, the following points must be kept in mind:

  • Stay Patient

Buying a property is a time-consuming affair, taking a few days to complete most genuine property transactions as well. While a variety of real estate companies promise to complete formalities immediately, the fact remains that it will help you land a good deal by showing patience.

  • Research the Estate

It is important today to do your homework before you look for a property. It can be confusing to select the right real estate with a range of projects coming up, because sellers are generally known for sweet talking customers.

The facilities on offer, the construction company’s history, the materials used, the environment in which a property is built will all play a role in deciding the returns you get on your investment.

  • Check The Papers

 Property papers are the most important thing to remember, since it is possible to get scammed into purchasing a property with fake papers. Purchasing a property without specific titles can lead to long-drawn court proceedings or lawsuits that effectively nullify the investment. 

The rise in home prices is an indication of the potential appreciation of value, while the availability of housing is an indicator of the potential demand for Detroit Rental properties and other real estate markets.

The most recent FMHPI stats reveal:

  • November 2015 HPI: 96.68
  • November 2020 HPI: 134.07
  • Drop in house prices in 5 years: 38.7 percent
  • Shift in house prices in one year: 10.5 percent
  • Monthly Home Price Change: 0.4 percent

Investment assets in Detroit are currently generating better cash yields than any other market in the country! Denson Construction Services will help you develop an action plan, execute on that plan, and expand your investment dollars as one of the leading constructions and commercial renovation service providers in Detroit!

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