All about Detroit Real Estate Investment Opportunities

This place now has the second-highest rent-to-value ratio of over 8.5% in the United States, so the people who are nowadays investing money here have a much chance of making a good profit. As more people are getting involved with marketing and housing in Detroit, it draws attention to big marketers, and before we invest in […]

Detroit Real Estate: New Opportunities for Construction

Detroit in Michigan is once again making a comeback. The 22% abandoned city has recently become a real estate investment for market investors. Cheap housing and businesses within the neighborhood attract new people to come and set up homes and businesses. There is a decent amount of room to work on for any business, construction, […]

Asia Denson, Owner, Denson Construction Services

What her business does: A construction company that specializes in complete home, kitchen and bathroom renovations for out-of-state and foreign investors who buy houses and investment properties in Detroit. How she got started: In 2011, Denson got laid off from her job as a highway engineer at BF&S Engineering. While out of work, she went to carpentry [...]

Asia Denson

On Attracting Millennials: I use social media so much for my business, so they typically reach out to me first. People will send me a message telling me what they do and to contact them when I’m looking to hire,