Right now, Detroit’s rental real estate market is off the charts, which is just the thing real estate investors want to hear. Demand for single-family rentals is skyrocketing, and the median price of a Detroit single-family home is well below $100K, providing an amazing opportunity for solid yields and cash flow for rental property and Detroit […]

Why Is A Cash Buyer Is Good Option In Real Estate?

Real estate is one of the fastest-growing industries at present and is evolving significantly in today’s time. After the easing of the lockdown phase, property selling and investment have literally been on the rise. There are many flexible finance options for buying real estate, but still, many prefer to do it by cash. This is […]

Is Real Estate Investment A Good Choice?

With the easing of the lockdown phase, many industries around the world are resuming! The real estate industry is certainly one of them. It has always been an industry with gravity right from the beginning of time. A lot many people are considering investing in real estate nowadays. Not only the generation of baby boomers […]

Why Is A Cash Buyer Better In Real Estate?

Cash buyers in real estate are showing trending results in the current market. The reason is the ability to buy property without relying on loans and mortgages. The cash transaction during buying a real estate property lowers the stress that is involved with huge property loans and mortgages. However, along with advantages, there are a […]

Is Real Estate Investment A Good Idea?

Apartments are bought not only for the opulence in living standards, but the value of such properties increases with time, and it happens to be one of the most lucrative assets to invest in. As there has been a significant increase in the number of people with disposable incomes and the need to maintain a […]

All about Detroit Real Estate Investment Opportunities

This place now has the second-highest rent-to-value ratio of over 8.5% in the United States, so the people who are nowadays investing money here have a much chance of making a good profit. As more people are getting involved with marketing and housing in Detroit, it draws attention to big marketers, and before we invest in […]

Detroit Real Estate: New Opportunities for Construction

Detroit in Michigan is once again making a comeback. The 22% abandoned city has recently become a real estate investment for market investors. Cheap housing and businesses within the neighborhood attract new people to come and set up homes and businesses. There is a decent amount of room to work on for any business, construction, […]

Asia Denson, Owner, Denson Construction Services

What her business does: A construction company that specializes in complete home, kitchen and bathroom renovations for out-of-state and foreign investors who buy houses and investment properties in Detroit. How she got started: In 2011, Denson got laid off from her job as a highway engineer at BF&S Engineering. While out of work, she went to carpentry [...]

Asia Denson

On Attracting Millennials: I use social media so much for my business, so they typically reach out to me first. People will send me a message telling me what they do and to contact them when I’m looking to hire,

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